LanguageSettingsEnsureInvariantResourcesMerged Method

Ensures that all invariant resource entries in all DynamicResourceManager instances with centralized settings are merged for the current DisplayLanguage. This method affects all DynamicResourceManager instances in the current application domain, whose UseLanguageSettings is .


Namespace: KGySoft
Assembly: KGySoft.CoreLibraries (in KGySoft.CoreLibraries.dll) Version: 8.2.0
public static void EnsureInvariantResourcesMerged()



This method is similar to EnsureResourcesGenerated but it forces a new merge even for existing resource sets. It can be useful if we want to ensure that possibly newly introduced resources (due to a new version release, for example) are also merged into the optionally already existing resource set files.

If there are no existing resources for the current DisplayLanguage yet, then this method is functionally equivalent with the EnsureResourcesGenerated method, though it can be significantly slower than that.

You can call also the SavePendingResources method to save the generated or updated resource sets immediately.

Merging is performed using the rules specified by the DynamicResourceManagersAutoAppend property.

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