KGySoft.CoreLibraries Namespace

KGy SOFT Core Libraries Help
Contains general library classes. Some of them are just additions to the standard .NET classes providing better performance, such as the generic EnumTEnum and EnumComparerTEnum classes. Some others provide new functionality, such as the HiResTimer class. Additionally, contains many extensions to many classes including the Enum, Type, Random types as well as several primitive types and many other.

Public classArrayExtensions
Provides extension methods for arrays.
Public classByteArrayExtensions
Provides extension methods for the byte[] type.
Public classCharExtensions
Provides extension methods for the char type.
Public classCollectionExtensions
Public classDateTimeExtensions
Provides extension methods for the DateTime type.
Public classDecimalExtensions
Provides extension methods for the decimal type.
Public classDelegateExtensions
Provides extension methods for delegates.
Public classDictionaryExtensions
Public classDoubleExtensions
Provides extension methods for the double type.
Public classEnumTEnum
Generic helper class for the Enum class. Provides high performance solutions for already existing functionality in the Enum class along with some additional features.
Public classCode exampleEnumComparerTEnum
Public classEnumerableExtensions
Public classEnumExtensions
Provides extension methods for the Enum type.
Public classEventArgsT
Represents a simple event argument of type T.
Public classFastRandom
Represents a pseudo random number generator, which is functionally compatible with the Random class but is significantly faster than that. For cryptographically secure random numbers use the SecureRandom class instead.
Public classFiles
Contains file-related methods.
Public classFloatExtensions
Provides extension methods for the float type.
Public classGenerateObjectSettings
Represents the settings for generating an object by the NextObject extension methods.
Public classHiResTimer
Represents a high resolution timer that allows precise timing even with sub-milliseconds intervals. The timer executes on a separated high priority thread.
Public classHiResTimerElapsedEventArgs
Provides data for the HiResTimer.Elapsed event.
Public classListExtensions
Public classObjectExtensions
Provides extension methods for the Object type.
Public classCode exampleRandomExtensions
Provides extension methods for the Random type.
See the Examples section for an example.
Public classSpanExtensions
Public classStreamExtensions
Provides extension methods for the Stream type.
Public classStringExtensions
Provides extension methods for the string type.
Public classStringSegmentComparer
Represents a string comparison operation that uses specific case and culture-based or ordinal comparison rules allowing comparing strings by string, StringSegment and ReadOnlySpan<char> instances.
See the static properties for more details.
Public classStringSegmentExtensions
Provides extension methods for the StringSegment type.
Public classThreadSafeRandom
Represents a thread-safe wrapper for random number generators. You can use the static Create methods to create a customized instance (eg. you can wrap a SecureRandom instance to generate cryptographically safe random numbers in a thread-safe way), or just use the static Instance property for a fast shared instance (which uses FastRandom internally).
Public classTypeExtensions
Provides extension methods for the Type type.

Public structureRangeT
Represents a range with lower and upper bounds.
Public structureStringSegment
Represents a segment of a string. This type is similar to ReadOnlyMemory<char>/ReadOnlySpan<char> but StringSegment can be used in all platforms in the same way and is optimized for some dedicated string operations.
To create an instance use the AsSegment extension method overloads or just cast a string instance to StringSegment.
See the Remarks section for details.
Public structureStringSegmentEnumerator
Enumerates the characters of a StringSegment.
Public structureStringSegmentSplitOptions
Specifies options for applicable StringSegment.Split method overloads, such as whether to omit empty substrings from the returned array or trim whitespace from segments.
See the Remarks section for details.

Public delegateConversion
Represents a delegate for a type conversion. A conversion can be registered by the RegisterConversion extension method.
Public delegateConversionAttempt
Represents a delegate for a type conversion attempt. A conversion can be registered by the RegisterConversion extension method.

Public enumerationEnumFormattingOptions
Public enumerationFloatScale
Represents the scaling strategy when generating random floating-point numbers.
Public enumerationObjectInitialization
Represents a strategy for initializing types when generating random objects.
Public enumerationStringCreation
Represents a strategy for generating random strings.
Public enumerationTypeNameKind
Represents name formatting options for the TypeExtensions.GetName methods.