KGySoft.Drawing Namespace

KGy SOFT Drawing Libraries Help
The KGySoft.Drawing namespace contains extension methods and types built around the types of the System.Drawing namespace. Among others, provides advanced support for the Icon type such as extracting, combining and converting multi-resolution icons, including hi-resolution ones, supports saving several Image formats without built-in encoders (TIFF, GIF, Icon, EMF and WMF), provides pixel format conversion with arbitrary palette and preserving transparency, etc.

Public classBitmapExtensions
Contains extension methods for the Bitmap type.
Public classCursorHandle
Represents a windows cursor. The CursorHandle instance can be passed to the System.Windows.Forms.Cursor constructor to create a new cursor.
Public classGraphicsExtensions
Contains extension methods for the Graphics type.
Public classIconExtensions
Contains extension methods for the Icon type.
Public classIcons
Provides some icon-related methods as well as properties returning general icons in multi resolution. Unlike SystemIcons, these icons should be disposed when not used any more.
Public classImageExtensions
Contains extension methods for the Image type.
Public classMetafileExtensions
Contains extension methods for the Metafile type.

Public enumerationStockIcon
Represents the Windows stock icons can be retrieved by the Icons.GetStockIcon method in Windows Vista and above.
See also the SHSTOCKICONID Enumeration at the Microsoft Docs site.
Public enumerationSystemIconSize
Represents the predefined system icon sizes.