AnimatedGifConfigurationAllowDeltaFrames Property

Gets or sets whether it is allowed to encode only the changed region of a frame. In some circumstances the value of this property might be ignored.
Default value: .


Namespace: KGySoft.Drawing.Imaging
Assembly: KGySoft.Drawing.Core (in KGySoft.Drawing.Core.dll) Version: 8.0.0-preview.1
public bool AllowDeltaFrames { get; set; }

Property Value

If , then the required memory during encoding may be larger but it allows creating more compact files and even high color frames (see also the Remarks section).
If , then all frames will be encoded individually. This provides lower memory consumption but may produce larger files.


If Quantizer is set to an OptimizedPaletteQuantizer that allows creating a specific palette for each frame, then setting this property to might also allow producing high color frames.

If AllowClippedFrames is , then this property is ignored for quantizers with no transparency support. Therefore make sure that you set also the AllowClippedFrames to if you use a quantizer without transparency support.

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