JsonValueExtensionsTryGetDateTime(JsonValue, DateTime, JsonValueType) Method

Tries to get the specified JsonValue as a DateTime value if expectedType is Undefined or matches the Type property of the specified json parameter. The actual format is attempted to be auto detected. If you know exact format use the other TryGetDateTime overloads.


Namespace: KGySoft.Json
Assembly: KGySoft.Json (in KGySoft.Json.dll) Version: 3.0.0
public static bool TryGetDateTime(
	this JsonValue json,
	out DateTime value,
	JsonValueType expectedType


json  JsonValue
The JsonValue to be converted to DateTime.
value  DateTime
When this method returns, the result of the conversion, if json could be converted; otherwise, MinValue. This parameter is passed uninitialized.
expectedType  JsonValueType
The expected Type of the specified json parameter, or Undefined to allow any type.

Return Value

if the specified JsonValue could be converted; otherwise, .

Usage Note

In Visual Basic and C#, you can call this method as an instance method on any object of type JsonValue. When you use instance method syntax to call this method, omit the first parameter. For more information, see Extension Methods (Visual Basic) or Extension Methods (C# Programming Guide).

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