IconsFromFile Method (String, SystemIconSize)

KGy SOFT Drawing Libraries Help
Extracts icons of the specified size from a file and returns them as separated Icon instances.

Namespace:  KGySoft.Drawing
Assembly:  KGySoft.Drawing (in KGySoft.Drawing.dll) Version: 5.1.0

public static Icon[] FromFile(
	string fileName,
	SystemIconSize size


Type: SystemString
The name of the file. Can be an executable file, a .dll or icon file.
Type: KGySoft.DrawingSystemIconSize
The size of the icons to be extracted.

Return Value

Type: Icon
The icons of the specified file, or an empty array if the file does not exist or does not contain any icons.

If fileName refers to an icon file use the Icon(String) constructor instead.

The images of an Icon can be extracted by the IconExtensions.ExtractBitmaps methods.

Note Note
On non-Windows platforms this method always returns an empty array.
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