AnimatedGifConfigurationDeltaTolerance Property

Gets or sets the allowed maximum tolerance for detecting changes of consecutive frames when AllowDeltaFrames is .
Default value: 0.


Namespace: KGySoft.Drawing.Imaging
Assembly: KGySoft.Drawing.Core (in KGySoft.Drawing.Core.dll) Version: 8.0.0-preview.1
public byte DeltaTolerance { get; set; }

Property Value

If 0, then even a minimal color difference will be considered as a change to be encoded.
If 255, then nothing will be treated as a change. The animation will have no new frames unless a frame contains new transparent pixels compared to the previous one.
The reasonable range is between 0 and 16 with an optimized quantizer. Predefined quantizers may tolerate larger values (eg. up to 32) with some dithering.

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